Designer tuxedos in Nairobi Kenya

3 of the finest designer tuxedos in Kenya.

Beautiful designer tuxedos can be quite difficult to find in Nairobi in general and Kenya at large.

However, if you’re the type of gentleman who has an appetite for the finer things in life, then you’ve landed on the right page. These designer tuxedos were built for Kenyan royalty such as yourself.

Starting things off is the midnight blue A-lister tuxedo in Nairobi Kenya.

Designer tuxedos in Nairobi Kenya

This designer tuxedo will guarantee you paint Nairobi red (sorry, blue). Designer tuxedo jackets don’t get more beautiful than this. The lapel is constructed with genuine leather, which amplifies the sophistication of the look to a whole new level. Ideal for even the most sophisticated of dress codes.

Notice how he matches it with the blue watch. A truly outstanding respect-earning look.

This tuxedo jacket is ideal only for extremely special occasions. Pair it up with a pair of black wool pants and you have a tuxedo suit that is to die for.

Below is a King Sidney owner outshining the groom as possibly the most dapper wedding guest Nairobi has ever seen.

Designer tuxedos in Nairobi Kenya

Truly outstanding.

Next up, we have a unique take on the traditional shawl collar tuxedo. Designed with leather trim, this black designer tuxedo is the perfect tool for any gala nights and charity ball you may soon be attending.

Designer tuxedo for men in Nairobi Kenya

Wow. This will have you looking extremely powerful. Forget Nairobi, black designer tuxedo jackets, and suits the world over don’t get any more exceptional than this masterpiece.

It’s a real confidence-booster this tuxedo. An exceptional statement piece.

Lastly, we have the more traditional black tuxedo suit albeit with a slight twist in the form of lurex pick-stitching.

Black suits for award ceremony in Nairobi Kenya gala dinner suit

This designer tuxedo suit is perfect for you if you’re the type of gentleman who likes to stick to the classics while showcasing sophisticated elements of your sense of style at the same time.

It may not get you as many compliments as the first two. It will, however, still give you that feel-good feeling you get whenever you slip on something beautiful.

Speaking of getting compliments, here’s a tuxedo catalog of the ultimate-compliment getters. If you’re attending an important function in Nairobi Kenya and are looking for a powerful tuxedo look, here’s a couple of tuxedos that will have everyone’s eyes widening with respect at the sight of you.

And there you have it. Some of the finest designer tuxedos in Nairobi Kenya. 

All the designer tuxedos above are exclusive to King Sidney.