What Respect looks like

James Dickson artistc hand painted jacket king sidney

Super Consultant King James Dickson prepares to step out and shine in his one-of-a-kind hand-painted King Sidney masterpiece.

King Robert Burale looking like the king of his domain in his King Sidney jacket.

King Allan Sajabi in his King Sidney Jacket

King Allan Sajabi Masinde matches his lovely wife’s style and grace in his King Sidney statement piece as the lovely couple make the wedding guest appearance of the century.

Jonathan Mueke in King Sidney

Former deputy governor Jonathan Mueke making power moves in his new King Sidney statement jacket.

Julius Yego in King Sidney

King Julius Yego and his son Prince Jarvis in their new matching King Sidney father-son blazer set.

martin muli

Entrepreneur and CEO King Martin Muli at the OLX Social media awards in his King Sidney jacket.

Steve Biko King Sidney

Super banker King Steve Biko prepares to bring the house down in his new King Sidney statement blazer.

King Jared Owino in King Sidney

King Jared Owino prepares for one heck of a birthday celebration in his designer King Sidney jacket.

Jimmi gathu in King Sidney

Kenya’s most handsome grandfather and the Godfather of TV presenters King Jimmi Gathu walks his daughter down the aisle in his new King Sidney jacket.


Kenya’s youngest ever Permanent Secretary King Irungu Nyakera makes a powerful point at a press appearance in his King Sidney jacket.

Fareed Khimani in King Sidney

Kenyan radio royalty King Fareed Khimani at a dinner in Barcelona in his King Sidney masterpiece.

Nick Mwendwa King Sidney jacket

FKF president and entrepreneur King Nick Mwendwa prepares for an important press briefing in his pure wool King Sidney wool jacket.

Kris Senanu

Super Entrepreneur Kris Senanu all smiles in King Sidney as he prepares for his KTN news interview.

Derek Bbanga in King Sidney

King Derek Bbanga lights up the podium in his brocade King Sidney tuxedo.

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