A special tuxedo outfit to ensure you leave quite the impression at that important occasion.

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Fareed Khimani Real Housewives of Nairobi King Sidney Tuxedo Kenya

King Fareed Khimani hosts the Real Housewives of Nairobi Reunion as a King among Queens in his King Sidney Tuxedo.

A very unique wedding tuxedo in Nairobi Kenya

King Brian McKnight gets down on his wedding day in what could quite possibly be one of Kenya’s coolest and most unique wedding tuxedos.

Father son gala award ceremony tuxedo in Nairobi Kenya

Father and son give a masterclass on how to shine at a gala award ceremony as they both rock King Sidney tuxedo outfits head to toe.

Kris Senanu Award ceremony tuxedo King Sidney

King Kris Senanu wins best dressed man at the award ceremony 2 years in a row in his King Sidney tuxedos.

top image consultants in kenya

King Derek Bbanga lights up the podium in his brocade King Sidney tuxedo.

King Sidney Gala Ball Tuxedo

Powerful beard. Check. Awesome wife. Check. Exceptional King Sidney tuxedo outfit. Check. King William McArthur is officially ready for the Gala ball.

Boniface Mwangi Luxembourg Peace Prize award winner tuxedo

Super activist King Boniface Mwangi receives the Outstanding Youth Peace Maker Prize at the Luxembourg Peace Prize ceremony in his King Sidney leather detail tuxedo.

King Jared Owino in King Sidney

King Jared Owino prepares for one heck of a birthday celebration in his designer King Sidney jacket.

jared mauko king sidney

Super consultant King Jared Mauko has all eyes on him at his wedding, before lighting up the after-party with a second King Sidney masterpiece.

Steve Biko King Sidney

Super banker King Steve Biko looking extremely suave for his important business meeting in his King Sidney statement jacket.

Samson Kinyanjui in King Sidney

Super attorney King Samson Kinyanjui looking glorious as he prepares to attend the wedding of the year in his King Sidney leather-trim tux.

Best birthday gift for husband in Nairobi Kenya

Mozambique’s finest King Bow prepares to light up the stage in this croc brocade King Sidney masterpiece.

Designer tuxedo jacket Nairobi Kenya

Super surgeon King Dr. Allan Sajabi Masinde prepares to make the wedding guest appearance of the century in his King Sidney tuxedo jacket.

Jonathan Mueke in King Sidney

Former deputy governor Jonathan Mueke making power moves in his new King Sidney statement jacket.

Award ceremony red carpet look Nairobi Kenya

King Jimmi Gathu alongside his co-MC MCing governor Sakaja’s inauguration  in his King Sidney set.

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James Dickson artistc hand painted jacket king sidney

Super Consultant King James Dickson prepares to step out and shine in his one-of-a-kind hand-painted King Sidney masterpiece.

Irungu Nyakera King Sidney designer Jacket

The man who holds the record for Kenya’s youngest ever Permanent Secretary King Irungu Nyakera prepares for a Charity function in his King Sidney outfit.

King Ashwin Vijayasekar in King Sidney

King Ashwin Vijayasekar shows us how to ensure no one outshines you at your own event in King Sidney head to toe at a VIP launch event.

African blazer for men in Nairobi Kenya

USA Marine King Raymond Litondo confirms that it’s time to shine in his King Sidney occasion outfit.

robert burale in king sidney

King Robert Burale is the king of his domain in his King Sidney jacket.

Martha Karua in King Sidney

Honorable Martha Karua shoots an important video in King Sidney head to toe.

Well stitched blue wedding suit in Nairobi Kenya

The true gentleman that is King Simon Limode matches the gold color of his watch to that of the custom brass buttons on his powerful wool-blend blue King Sidney wedding suit.

King Martin Global Star tours and travels

Global Star Tours and Travels CEO King Martin Murimi prepares to wow his bride on his wedding day in his wool fabric 3-piece King Sidney suit.

King Duke leads a funeral in his King Sidney designer inverted leather collar sports jacket.

OLX awards Martin Muli King Sidney

Super Entrepreneur King Martin Muli (far left) presents an Award at his OLX Social media awards in his King Sidney jacket.

DJ Adrian Wedding King Sidney

Your favorite DJ’s favorite DJ, DJ Adrian at his wedding in his King Sidney suit.

King Kathurima in King Sidney

King Kathurima prepares to head out to a high profile event in his King Sidney Woodin Jacket.

King Nonini in King Sidney

Copyright infringement activist King Herbert AKA Nonini Mgenge 2true at a launch event in his King Sidney sports coat.

Zachary Petroni in King Sidney

Black tie event. King Zachary. King Sidney. Enough said.

King Sidney Award Ceremony Tuxedo Nairobi Kenya

King Keith strikes a boss pose in his King Sidney power tuxedo at a VIP award ceremony.

Prince Nate Simphiwe in King Sidney

Prince Nate Simphiwe meets Graca Machel in his King Sidney suit.

King Sidney father-son set

Prince Keylah hits his father’s wedding in his King Sidney suit.

Eric Theuri award ceremony tuxedo Nairobi Kenya

Law Society of Kenya president King Eric Theuri at the 4th edition of the Nairobi Legal Awards in his leather lapel King Sidney tuxedo.