A Few King Sidney Owners

Derek Bbanga in King Sidney

King Derek Bbanga lights up the podium in his brocade King Sidney tuxedo.

Fareed Khimani in King Sidney

King Fareed Khimani at a dinner in Barcelona in his wool King Sidney suit.

Sajabi Masinde in King Sidney

King Dr. Allan Sajabi Masinde steals the spotlight at his friend’s wedding in his brand new King Sidney designer tuxedo.

Julius Yego in King Sidney

King Julius Yego and his son Prince Jarvis in their new matching King Sidney father-son blazer set.

King Bow in King Sidney

Mozambique’s finest King Bow makes Coke studio look good in this King Sidney masterpiece of a statement blazer.

King Robert Burale in King Sidney

King Robert Burale prepares to take charge of an Awards ceremony like the true coach that he is in his new King Sidney blazer.

Nick Mwendwa in King Sidney

Football president Nick Mwendwa makes one of his trademark tough decisions in his King Sidney suit.

Jonathan Mueke in King Sidney

Former deputy governor Jonathan Mueke making power moves in his new King Sidney statement blazer.

King Steve Migoye in King Sidney

Super banker King Steve Migoye looking extra sharp in his brand new King Sidney statement blazer.

King Martin Global Star tours and travels

Global star tours CEO King Martin stars in the movie that was his wedding in a three-piece King Sidney suit.

King Nonini in King Sidney

Kenyan rap’s Godfather King Nonini at a private party in his King Sidney designer blazer.

Your favourite DJ’s favourite DJ, King DJ Adrian and his groomsmen at his wedding donning his King Sidney set.

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