King Sidney

I am, very fortunately, blessed with a job in which I get to meet a lot of VIPs. So I understand exactly how powerful a strong impression can make you feel on those special occasions. And it is that wow factor that we guarantee you, every time you step out for an important function.

Let’s have you manifesting the King within in our one-of-a-kind ready-to-wear statement jackets.


Peter Okatch – Lead Designer at King Sidney

How We Work for You

We import the fabric and make ready-to-wear jackets. This means you can reach out on Friday and own an exclusive dress jacket outfit for your occasion on Saturday the very same day. No hassle. No stress.

We make a maximum of 4 pieces per design. And then close out that design.

We never ever return to a closed-out design. 

Do we have your size? You’ll be very pleasantly surprised. Are you big and tall and therefore have very long sleeves? Or a stocky gym goer? Or average?

Reach out. What we have for you will ensure you look and feel like the King you truly are at your next big engagement.