Zebra print bow tie Nairobi Kenya

27 Unique bow ties in Nairobi Kenya

Unique leather bow tie Nairobi Kenya

If you’re having a wedding in Nairobi Kenya and are looking for unique bow ties that match your leather shoes, then these leather bow ties are the way to go. Crafted in genuine leather, these durable masterpieces will last you a lifetime.

Animal fur bow tie Nairobi Kenya King Sidney

Unleash the dragon within in this furry-type animal print bow tie. A one-of-a-kind bow tie in Nairobi Kenya.

African bow tie King Sidney Nairobi Kenya

This African satin mix bow tie is perfect for the more conservative gentleman looking to enhance his already high-quality tuxedo.

King Sidney designer bow tie Nairobi Kenya

Black tie event with an African theme? Get the best of both worlds with this cool double-layered bridal satin and Woodin fabric bow tie in Nairobi Kenya.

Zebra print bow tie Nairobi Kenya

Break the monotony of your plain black tuxedo with a vibrant zebra print bow tie.

African bow ties Nairobi Kenya

Represent the motherland with this awesome triple-layered African bow tie.

Animal print black bow tie in Nairobi Kenya

You have a gorgeous black tuxedo and a crisp white shirt. Perfect. Crown off your power tuxedo look with this monochrome black and white animal print bow tie. 

Red hand painted butterfly wedding bow tie Nairobi Kenya

This red hand painted butterfly wedding bow tie is the perfect way to spruce up your ivory wedding tuxedo. The ultimate example of wearable art.

Bow tie Nairobi Kenya

We call this one the web of color bow tie because it infuses life and character into your solid color tuxedo.

Purple hand painted butterfly wedding bow tie Nairobi Kenya

This purple hand painted butterfly wedding bow tie will have your wedding groom really feeling himself on your wedding day.

Nice African bow tie Nairobi Kenya

We set things off with this 3-layered African fabric bow tie inspired by that Najib Balala look. Perfect for a black tie event where you’re looking to creatively deviate from the dress code in a fun spontaneous way.

Black hand painted silk bow tie Nairobi Kenya

With this hand painted black pure silk bow tie you’re officially ready for any fancy wedding dress codes that Nairobi has to offer. Go out their and showcase your excellence.

White hand painted bow tie Nairobi Kenya

What better way to perfectly complement that ivory white wedding tuxedo than with a hand painted ivory bow tie. Unique bow ties for men in Nairobi Kenya don’t come any more special than this lovely masterpiece.

Silk wedding bow tie for the groom in Nairobi Kenya

Perhaps one of the best wedding bow ties for either the groom or the groomsmen that you will ever come across in Nairobi Kenya. This silk bow tie is perfect for that wedding bow tie and suspenders aesthetic.

black tie bow tie Nairobi Kenya

This particular butterfly bow tie is ideal for a black tie event in which the dress code is very strictly formal. Built with luxurious bridal satin for that formal look and feel. The classic bow tie.

Green forest hand painted bow tie

Spruce up your white wedding tuxedo with this lovely hand-painted bowtie in Nairobi Kenya.

Hand-painted butterfly bow tie in Nairobi Kenya.

What if the tuxedo you shall be wearing is black and perhaps somewhat dull? Well then you can rock this unique hand-painted butterfly bow tie.