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A Tuxedo style guide for the sophisticated Kenyan man.

Finding a stylish tuxedo in Kenya

Understanding occasion dress codes as well as finding a stylish tuxedo in Nairobi Kenya is not easy. Have you ever been invited to a black-tie event and didn’t have the appropriate attire for it?

Most accomplished men will be invited to a gala, dinner or charity ball at some point in their lives. Black-tie by the way, is generally the internationally accepted term for the dress code I’m referring to. Kenyan dress codes can get quite complicated nowadays.

I was recently invited to a friend’s wedding. The dress code was black vogue. If you’re wondering why you’ve never heard of that dress code before, it’s because it doesn’t exist. My friend, who had heard of black-tie, thought it would be a good idea to throw in the word vogue somewhere in the mix. Simply because it sounded good. His exact words were, “I want black-tie but fancier.”

A quick Google search of the term ‘black vogue’ in anticipation of images that would clarify the dress code, brings up a black women’s rights advocacy group instead. Frustrating, I know. Having experience in men’s fashion meant I knew what he had in mind even before he provided the simplistic one-line explanation. Most guys however just attended the wedding in black suits. All black suits. To a wedding.


Anyway, frustrations with ambiguous dress codes aside, I’d like to provide you with a tuxedo style guide for any gala or dinner you may need to attend in the future. I’ll first set up three very vital foundational elements I call the three f’s; fabric, fit and finish.


Fabric is a vital part of every tuxedo. It’s the first and most important piece. There’s a whole range of high-quality fabrics out there. I won’t get into detail today. That’s a post for another day.

What’s important for the sake of today’s discussion is that it’s impossible to tell fabric quality from a picture. It really is. You have to see the tuxedo first-hand. Many a time, I’ve seen an item on Instagram and loved it, only to be thoroughly disappointed with the fabric quality once I had the tuxedo in my hand.


I call fit “The Ultimate Cheat Code”. What I mean by that is, if the fabric and the finish are off, your friends may not care as long as the fit is fantastic. Fit brings out your frame. Since this is not the year 1998, most Kenyan men no longer wear baggy clothes. Some, however, like them a bit too tight which often leads to a host of fit issues.

When a tuxedo is too tight, the owner looks uncomfortable. Discomfort in clothing is very difficult to hide, as evidenced by the lady you see wearing a short dress only to consistently pull it down as she walks.

A tuxedo is meant to showcase the elegance and sophistication of your personality. And there’s nothing sophisticated about a man who struts through an event in obvious discomfort. In addition, tuxedos that are too tight don’t last very long.

This is due to the constant pressure of your body pressing hard against the seams. Depending on the fabric utilized and craftsmanship quality, a good tuxedo should span at least one generation.


A good finish is another element that’s impossible to tell from a picture. Good finish is a tremendous confidence booster and will ensure you strut around your event with an inner good feeling that is visible for all to see.

Below is an example of a powerful all-black ready-to-wear tuxedo in Nairobi Kenya by King Sidney that possesses all the above elements.

Black designer leather trim tuxedo

Finding a stylish tuxedo in Kenya isn’t easy. Especially if you are the type of gentleman who strongly values quality above all else.

Fabric, fit and finish are three essentials found in any high-quality black tie tuxedo in Nairobi and Kenya at large. 

Now that we have the basics covered, let’s take a look at some remarkable tuxedos in Nairobi Kenya.

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