Men's designer jackets in Kenya

How to upgrade your wardrobe

How to upgrade your wardrobe with quality

Name: Jack Safari

Age: 24

Profession: Student.


What he told us about his style.

“I love men’s designer jackets, although quality pieces can be difficult to find in Nairobi and Kenya. The school doesn’t have a strict dress code, so more often than not I’ll be dressed casually. I do like dressing sharp though. If I go out on a date and the lady loves how well dressed I am, it gives my confidence a major boost and ensures the date goes smoothly with me taking the lead as the man is required to.”


Before – The guy who completed high school last week.


After – The boss’s son.

The Difference one thing makes.

We managed to transform young Mr. Safari by adding two major upgrade elements to his ensemble. The first was a luxurious wool King Sidney men’s designer jacket in Nairobi Kenya. The second was a simple colour co-ordinated cummerbund.  The rest of his look was centered around pieces that are very easily available for any casual shopper. Namely a white shirt, formal grey pants, and simple black shoes. With his new look, the number of compliments he will receive on his way to the date will ensure he arrives already full of confidence. A self-confidence will radiate for all to see, including his lucky date.


He now looks extremely sharp in what is definitely one of the more profound men’s designer jackets in Nairobi Kenya.

Men's designer jackets in Kenya