Unique designer wedding blazer for the groom in Nairobi Kenya

The story of a stylish Kenyan groom and his fancy wedding blazer.

Designer wedding blazer - Nairobi Kenya

My name is Peter. I’m a 38-year-old Kenyan, and I’m addicted to fancy jackets. Tuxedos, dinner jackets, plush wedding blazers, the more beautiful and designer it looks the better. Surprisingly, I’m not a jackets-for-functionality type of guy. I actually don’t recall wearing one simply because it was cold. It has always been more of a style and craftsmanship thing for me. I use the jacket to showcase certain attributes of my personality and identity.

Now that I’ve been upfront with my addiction, I thought we’d go ahead and break down a few highlights of my wedding day was as a Kenyan groom and center it around the cool wedding blazer I wore on the day in question. Sort of like Ironman in his metallic superhero armor. We always analyze weddings from the bride’s perspective, today I’d like to do it from the groom’s end.

So without further ado, the wedding day adventures of the Kenyan known as Peter, in his fancy wedding blazer in Nairobi.

I hate plain, boring suits. I never wear them. So there was no way I was going to wear a suit as a groom. It just wasn’t going to happen. It just isn’t me, so I ended up going with the lovely King Sidney wedding blazer below;

Awesome designer wedding dinner jacket in Nairobi Kenya

It fit very nicely, looked absolutely awesome and boosted my confidence tremendously. You see being a groom tends to be fairly stressful, particularly if you happen to be planning the wedding yourself. A lot of questions and fears run through your mind the night before. Will the suppliers you’ve already paid show up? Will their services be up to par? Will your friends enjoy themselves? Did you do enough leading up to the event or will guests miss food and/or seats and leave feeling disappointed? Suffice it to say you feel a bit nervous the night before. But once the day gets underway at 6 am, you relax and start to flow with it. And if you’re wearing a blazer like the one I wore, you feel pumped up and ready to roll the second you slip it on.

Cool designer men's wedding blazer in Nairobi Kenya

Your groomsmen really make this day worth your while. We all know that a wedding day belongs to the bride. The vision is her’s, you just happen to be somewhat involved. If you were in the wedding alone, it would feel terribly lonely, even though you’re there with both her and your family. But because you get to be with your boys, it really does feel more like a party that the obligation you might be expecting it to be beforehand. So you and your groomsmen dress up, laugh and joke around a bit, then roll out to the venue. By this point practically all nervousness has disappeared, even though you are not yet at the stage where all the things you’re worried about could actually happen. You and your boys feel like the Avengers (yes, I’m a Marvel fan), ready to conquer anything that comes before you.

Really nice wedding blazer for the groom in Nairobi Kenya

So the wedding gets underway, church service and all. I’ll be honest, as a dude, this is essentially the most boring part of the day. Or rather, it’s one of those parts you will enjoy when you are looking at the wedding pictures a few months later, but not as much when you’re in it. Ours was a garden wedding, which had its advantages and disadvantages. One disadvantage was that the weather got fairly hot, and my superhero armor, sorry, my fancy designer wedding blazer is made of 100% Italian wool. But I didn’t sweat in it too much, I suppose partly because real wool is breathable and mostly because I had my mind on the wedding and events as they were unfolding. The advantage of the heat is that the pastor had to keep the service extremely short due to the heat. I suppose he was sweating in his polyester suit. Should’ve gotten himself superhero armor, sorry, a fancy wedding blazer, like mine.

Awesome designer wedding blazers for the groom in Nairobi Kenya

There is a saying I heard somewhere that goes something like this, even though everyone’s attention at a wedding is on the bride, her focus is on you. I can’t begin to understate the importance of looking like a star at your wedding. Men don’t realize it, but as I once explained here, it really does amplify her attraction for you in a big way and is essentially the perfect way to start a relationship. She was really happy with how nice I looked and made sure I understood just how happy she was later that night, despite her exhaustion from the day’s events. Not only did the blazer draw praise and admiration from my new wife, it also had my mother-in-law complimenting me. And if my memory serves me correctly, that was probably the very first time I ever got a heartfelt compliment from her.

Posh wedding dinner jackets for the Kenyan groom

I don’t have anything to say about the above picture actually. I was just impressed by how well my wedding blazer lit up the Nairobi horizon at this point in the wedding. I suppose this is the part in the movie where the camera goes into slow motion during an action fight scene.

Wedding MC

So those are some of the highlights of what was my wedding day. That concludes the adventures of Peter and his marvelous wedding blazer in Nairobi. Since we’re at the credits section of the movie, honorable mention goes to my MC above. We actually almost didn’t get an MC because we thought we could save that expense. That would’ve been a huge mistake. The difference between a wedding that’s a lot of fun for your guests (it’ll probably always be fun for you regardless) and one that they consider quite boring is simply the quality of the MC. And ours was a blast. He was extremely funny and kept things flowing just right. If I had known beforehand how cool he would’ve made my wedding day, I’d have paid him double.