Unique metal blazer buttons Nairobi Kenya

Unique custom metal blazer buttons

Bespoke brass buttons to elevate your brand to the next level.

It’s time to take your brand to the next level with bespoke brass buttons of your name/initial/brand logo. Your customers will look at you in a brand new light. This right here is the epitome of great branding.

Have you ever wanted the crest of your investment firm, or business or just your name embossed onto the stylish unique metal buttons of your favorite tuxedo or blazer?

Of course, you have. You’ve spent nearly a lifetime working on your personal brand. Why shouldn’t you be proud of it?

At King Sidney, we’re always trying to take the quality of our statement jackets to the next level. So one day I sat down and asked myself, “How exactly can we incorporate a level of personalization that is powerful yet extremely subtle?”

I personally have never been a fan of the name embroidery on shirt cuffs. It’s too common. And quite honestly lazy on the side of the designer. Plus we don’t make shirts we specialize in special occasion jackets.

Then one day a few months back, a customer mentioned to us that it would be really cool if he could have his crest on the buttons. Then it hit us, of course, it would. If well-executed, that would be the ultimate conversation status at his next high-profile event.

And thus our journey began. We had a local celebrity making a purchase for an international award ceremony. So we decided to start with him. Because he is a patriotic activist whose calling is to fight for the rights of others in his country, we came up with the concept of a fist within the outline of the country.

Nothing screams attention to detail at an important business meeting more loudly than brand logo buttons in real metal on your business casual sports coat.

Custom metal brand logo buttons in Nairobi Kenya

But perhaps you own a brand that sells some exquisite dresses. Or jeans. Or shirts. And you’d like your customers to hold up your item and be extremely impressed not just by the quality of the finish, but by the branded metal buttons. Then it’s time to take your logo and bring it to life.

These custom metal branded buttons for your clothing store will elevate the status of your clothing store brand to the next level. Prepare yourself for the money to roll in.

And if you’re about to win an award and you’re feeling like quite the King on the inside then these King’s crown metal blazer buttons are definitely the way to go.

King's crown custom metal jacket buttons in Nairobi Kenya.

If you’re having a wedding here’s a way to elevate your wedding to the next level. Custom belt buckles for your groomsmen. These unique belts and belt buckles can be worn long after the wedding.

Sometimes you just want to keep it simple with your custom metal jacket buttons and simply have either your name or your company name.

If that’s you then the following cleanly executed metal buttons are definitely the way to go.

Custom metal tuxedo buttons in Nairobi Kenya

Beautiful unique metal blazer buttons further accentuate the power and grace of an already powerful designer tuxedo.

In the following example, here’s a clear mental image of how we began with a company logo and converted it into polished metal blazer buttons. An electrifying aesthetic for your favourite blazer.

unique custom metal blazer buttons King Sidney

Another thing to note. If you’re a man who appreciates quality, then you want to steer away from those plastic buttons. Apart from being really bad for the environment, they will often feel sub-standard at best.

The difference in quality is quickly evidenced in the video below.

If you would like custom unique metal blazer buttons in Nairobi Kenya for your designer blazer, please click the WhatsApp button below and speak to our lead designer.

Let’s ensure that you head out for that next important function looking and feeling like the King that you are.

God bless.