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A breakdown of Tuxedo suit prices in Nairobi Kenya

Let’s quickly examine tuxedo suit prices in Nairobi Kenya. Specifically how they vary and what you can expect from each tuxedo that’s seated within a specific price range.

All tuxedo suit prices in Nairobi Kenya depend on 2 things. Quality and Uniqueness.

What is it you as the tuxedo wearer seek to do with your tuxedo? Are you looking for something cheap that you can discard after the occasion? Because the dress code forced you to buy a tuxedo and the event you’re attending is not particularly important? Then you can source one very cheaply. Low quality tuxedos are ubiquitous in this country.

Or are you looking for something powerful. Something extremely brilliant in its uniqueness. Something impeccable in its quality. Then the investment will be greater.

So let’s breakdown tuxedo suit prices in Nairobi Kenya based on intent.

I’m looking for unique and very high-quality because the function is extremely important to me.

You don’t believe tuxedos can be particularly unique? Take a look at this tuxedo.

Award ceremony tuxedo Nairobi Kenya

The lapel is built from leather as opposed to satin. Real strong leather not weak low-quality garment leather.

Then in addition to the beautiful inner pick stitching detail, the lining is made from pure silk to ensure you do not sweat like a pig at your function.

tuxedo suit prices nairobi kenya

Comes with customized brass metal buttons on a James Bond gauntlet cuff.

made in Kenya custom tuxedo metal buttons

Now, all the details above are incorporated to ensure that you as the wearer earn major respect at your event with a wow factor for the ages.

As seen below.

Average Tuxedo Suit Price: Kshs. 49,500

The function is not of particular importance. I want the cheapest possible.

When makes a quality tuxedo pricey is the fabric, fit, and finish.

Therefore you can drastically reduce costs by compromising on any of those three areas.

You can use polyester lining even though it will feel extremely hot at the event.

You can use very cheap fabric if you’ll be wearing it for that singular event and do not particularly care about durability.

I, however, won’t spend too much time on this sector. I’m personally not a fan of low quality.

At all.

Average Tuxedo Suit Price: Kshs. 6,500


Most tuxedo rentals, at least in Kenya, are a bad deal. And here’s why.

Remember when I told you that fabric, fit, and finish are what establish the price of a tuxedo suit in Nairobi Kenya?

Well, rental tuxedos are wanting in all 3 areas and will still charge you as much as Kshs. 10,000 bob to rent one for a singular occasion. Not to mention the fact that it will be a fight once you return the tuxedo as they try to utilize underhand tactics to extort more money from you.

Rather than rent one, its better you go to a very cheap tailor. They are all over the Nairobi CBD. There’s a line of buildings on Moktar Daddah street, opposite Jevanjee gardens in the CBD that houses most of them. Krishna mansion, Garden Chambers, etc..

The fabric will be low quality and the fit will not be the best. But hey, at least you’ll get a good fit. As opposed to the rental which will be lacking all 3.

Average Tuxedo Suit Rental Price: Kshs. 10,000

King Boniface Mwangi’s designer tuxedo is exclusive to King Sidney.

Are you looking for a state-of-the-art tuxedo for your vital upcoming function in Nairobi Kenya?

Reach out below and let’s talk.