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The Kenyan Consultant’s Occasion Wardrobe

As a consultant, whenever you get the opportunity to speak at seminars or stand behind the dais for any important presentation, you want to be remembered.

Actually, let me rephrase that.

One job can end up bringing you as much as Kshs. 5,000,000.

You HAVE to be remembered.

The impression you leave at these events has a direct impact on your income.

It creates even more consulting opportunities in the future.

So you’ll need to make the necessary investment in yourself.

Yes, it’s important to move them with your content, but because most powerful communication is none-verbal, the right statement jacket will work wonders for you.

How exactly?


A powerful statement jacket will have you feeling super confident from within.

And that inner confidence will radiate through in your presentation for all to see.

A self-confidence that will have them sitting up and taking notice.

A self-confidence like one brought on by the leather trim jacket in the video below.

Now, I know we tend to get a little light-hearted with our marketing.

However, there will be absolutely nothing funny about the compliments this jacket will pull.

Especially in a room full of otherwise plain tuxedos.

Separate you from the pack

Because you’re in the company of a VIP crowd, you’ll need to stand out in a VIP jacket.

VIP jackets like those in the video below.

A lot of the VIPs in that room may not know you personally just yet. But they will respect you.

Our job as your special occasion stylists is to guarantee that they do.

And we do that for you by having an extremely strong focus on quality and uniqueness.

Buying a statement jacket for your consulting gig is one of the greatest investments you’ll ever make.

We’re not talking about dressing for pleasure or lifestyle. Let’s leave all that jazz to Instagram.

We’re talking about a real impact on your bottom line.

And we want you to go out there and ensure that they never forget who you are and all the good things you are capable of.

Ideally what we want for you is an effect so potent, that it leads to a hypnotic effect such as the one in the following video.

That’s great, but why not just wear an everyday work suit?

The problem with common is that no one remembers common. You didn’t make it to your level by being like everyone else. You did it by being powerfully different. A purple cow as New-york best-selling author Seth Godin likes to call it.

Let’s say you’re winning an award, which one of the two gentlemen below would you rather be?

dinner jacket wedding nairobi kenya

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with suits.

Wait, why am I lying? I freaking hate them! I never ever wear them.


At least not the boring plain office types. You see, we want you, the King, to look powerfully different.

We want your aesthetic to be a strong representation of your individual personality.

And that can never be achieved with a plain suit.

So if your thing is plain office suits for important functions you can hop off at this point. I’m actually surprised you’ve made it this far, to be honest.

But for the rest of you Kings…

If you as a consultant have an important upcoming function, reach out below, and let’s talk about how we can dress you up for it.

All the statement jackets above are exclusive to King Sidney.