Are You having a wedding after more than 10 years together?

It’s been over 10 years of a beautiful union. The world calls it a union but in actual fact it’s a marriage. And it’s been one heck of a marriage.

You’ve been married to a real one.

A woman who never left no matter how difficult things got. A woman who held you down through thick and thin. Your ‘ride or die’

So now you’ve decided to reward her with a wedding. Because she more than deserves it. And since you’re doing this for your queen, we’ll need you stepping into that occasion looking and feeling like the King you are. No shortcuts with regards to matters of quality. The best of the best, plus one.

We want you stepping in and looking so powerful, that it reminds her of how she made the right decision when she chose you over a decade ago.

Plus it won’t hurt for the kids to see daddy in a new glorious light.

And that’s where we come in.

Let’s go ahead and dress you up for this wedding.

The Classic King

unique wedding guest tuxedo in nairobi kenya

A tuxedo full of flair and inventiveness, this black leather trim masterpiece will do an exceptional job of showcasing all aspects of your brilliance. Its attention to detail serves as a reminder of how you always stay on top of your game. How you always bring your A-game when it’s time to bring your A-game.

Even though everyone’s eyes will be on the bride, her’s will be firmly fixated on you.

The Flamboyant King

wedding guest outfits for men in nairobi kenya

Ordinary and You are two words that should never ever be placed in the same sentence. Ever. Your style is totally unique. Not unique in the way guys throw the word around often in a way that’s empty and meaningless.

Truly deeply unique.

And for you, nothing short of a statement showstopper will do. Something that not only stays true to your personal sense of style, but also has everyone in the room talking both during, and long after you leave.

The Chilled-Out King

grey blazer for client meeting kenya

Your sense of style is understated. You love quality and won’t take partake in any low-quality nonsense. But at the same time, you’d prefer if someone came close before understanding just how powerful the piece you have on actually is.

If you know you know.

It’s a big day. You’ve got to bring the heat.

Reach out below and let’s talk about your power look.