4 head-turning men’s wedding waistcoats

Wedding time! Whether you’re a groom, wedding guest, or part of the groomsmen lineup, the right men’s wedding waistcoats in Nairobi Kenya can make a huge impact on how you look and feel. You need a designer waistcoat that stops people in their tracks at the wedding. Not one that leaves you feeling ashamed of your tailor.

A waistcoat, not a waste coat. What’s the difference?

Here’s a quick short video to highlight the difference

Now that we’re clear and on the same page, let’s dive into the different designer waistcoats for men in Nairobi Kenya.


We set things off with these grey men’s waistcoats in Nairobi Kenya.

waistcoat for men gilet Nairobi Kenya

Inasmuch as it’s ideally built for casual Friday, pairing it with a different shirt will make for a more celebratory aesthetic.

Grey wool waistcoat for men Nairobi Kenya

Its back view is interesting enough that she will be forced to look at you when your back is turned in pretty much the same way you were staring at her glorious behind when her back was turned.

Men's designer waistcoat Nairobi Kenya

Speaking of glorious behinds.

blue men's waistcoat Nairobi Kenya

This designer waistcoat for men in Nairobi Kenya is truly one of a kind. The blue paisley lining on the back is a lovely addition to a piece that is already guaranteed to have you turning heads. However, if we zoom into it…

rivet waistcoat detail Kenya

We see rivets that will earn the respect of anyone who lays their eyes upon them.


And the front of the half coat continues in the tradition of excellence that the back is set up with details such as a collar and a breast pocket.

blue designer mens waistcoat Nairobi Kenya
blue waistcoat for men Nairobi Kenya

Men’s wedding waistcoats in Nairobi Kenya don’t get any better than that.

If you’d prefer to keep the waistcoat design simple but would still like something that gets eyes popping and tongues wagging, here’s the same fabric but in beige.

Brown waistcoat for men Nairobi Kenya

As you can see, the beige helps the brass buttons stand out in a subtle way.

brown waistcoat men Nairobi Kenya

Pretty much the same way you’ll be standing out in classy fashion at the wedding as women and men stare at you with respect.

Speaking of brown and respect.

Chocolate brown men's waistcoat Nairobi Kenya

Exquisite chocolate brown waistcoats for men in Nairobi Kenya.

The darker shade of brown helps the gold on the brass buttons pop out a little more.

But you won’t be wearing this waistcoat alone. Oh no. You’ll slip this dazzling tailcoat on top of it and prepare yourself for the oohs and aahs from the crowd.

Wedding tailcoat tuxedo for men Nairobi Kenya

This exclusive tailcoat for men in Nairobi Kenya will truly showcase the King within. Let’s punch in a bit closer and see exactly why.

Gilet tailcoat tuxedo set for men Nairobi Kenya wedding

Crown off the outfit with a lovely pair of brown brogues and prepare to shine.

If you’re attending a wedding in Nairobi Kenya and would like either a waistcoat or tailcoat for men that is guaranteed to wow anyone who lays their eyes on you, reach out below and let’s talk.

Cheers and God bless.