Nightclub party jacket for men in Kenya

How to Project Power at your next evening function.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Whether it be at a casino, a launch party, a hot date or any other evening occasion. A projection of power on an evening out is all about picking the right dinner jacket. That’s it.

Yes, your cuff-linked shirt has to match the high standard of the rest of your evening wear. And yes, you cannot wear a top-notch outfit with run-of-the-mill pants.

I’ll even go ahead and admit it. If your cufflinks are fancy enough, they may be able to help put the spotlight back on you. A spotlight that was not in any way guaranteed. Particularly if you had opted to attend the event in a plain suit.

However, nothing, absolutely nothing, will project power at an evening event quite like a designer dinner jacket.

But rather than tell you, I’ll go ahead and show you.

Show you exactly how you can utilize a one-of-a-kind dinner jacket to put the right kind of spotlight on you and command the respect that was yours, to begin with.

The launch party King.

Designer men's dinner jacket 1 Nairobi Kenya

Here’s Don Cheadle in the TV show – House of lies. In the TV show, Cheadle plays a well-off management consultant. In this instance, he’s at a product launch party with some important clients and is perfectly dressed for the occasion.

The style details.

The slightly shimmery black reflects just the right amount of swag at his evening out. At the same time, the white shirt injects some light into what would otherwise have been a very dark look based on his complexion.

Even the formal black office tie, as opposed to a bowtie, actually looks pretty decent. He is on a business mission after all.

If you happen to have his skin tone, as well as a launch party with an important client, we recommend his style technique. The polished confident don look.

The Casino King.

designer mens dinner jackets Kenya 2
Copyright Black Panther - Marvel.

Here’s Chadwick Boseman in the infamous casino fight scene in Black Panther.

If you’ve seen the movie, then you’ve seen how confidently he strides in with the lovely Lupita Nyon’go on his arm. He commands awed glances the second he walks into the casino.

With the right dinner jacket, that could be you at your next evening event. Power. Class. Grace. All emanating from a single dinner jacket.

The style details.

You’ll notice that his dinner jacket is pretty similar to Cheadle’s above. The style techniques, however, are polar opposites.

One is formal whereas the other is a lot more casual. Smart-casual. No necktie. Black shirt.

If you’ve ever been to a casino, then you’ll understand how a black shirt looks much better than a white one against the backdrop of the unique casino lighting. Also, a black shirt looks better on him than it would on Cheadle due to the difference in skin complexion between the two men.

The evening-party King

men's dinner jackets Kenya 3
Copyright Empire - Fox.

Here we have Mr. Lucious Lyon. From the TV show Empire.

The perfect example of how the right dinner jacket can project real power and bring out the mogul in you to a whole new level. A power couple look can only be accomplished with the aid of the right power jacket.

The style details.

The bow-tie makes this look a lot more formal than the last one.

Here’s an interesting thing to note.

Even though the dinner jacket looks a bit less formal than the last two, the entire look is a lot more formal based purely on what the jacket is worn with. And that’s the beauty of a superb dinner jacket.

It’s versatility.

It can be worn to practically any important evening occasion.

Speaking of a striking dinner jacket that is ideal for the most important of evening occasions, take a peek at this masterpiece from King Sidney.

Men's dinner jacket in Nairobi Kenya
Men's designer dinner jacket exclusive to King Sidney.

This is a look that is guaranteed to take everyone’s breathe away.

The textured Italian fabric will stop everyone at the party in their tracks the second you walk into the room.

And the respect will flow forth after that. Respect of movie star proportions.

The ultimate men’s dinner jacket above in Nairobi Kenya is exclusive to King Sidney.

Let’s help prepare you for your important upcoming function by providing you with a jacket that will command respect the second you walk into the room.

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