cocktail jacket

Your style personality and its corresponding cocktail jacket.

Are you ready to take you’re A-game to that cocktail party you’ve been invited to?

Because we’re ready to ensure you leave the biggest impression you’ve ever made in your life.  An effect you will only be able to achieve if you’re in possession of the right cocktail jacket for your style personality.

Let’s explore your options, shall we?

The Hometown Hero.

For you, if you’re the type of gentleman who likes top-notch quality within the confines of an already well-established design.

You don’t necessarily like to try new things when it comes to men’s fashion. You do, however, go for the finest quality with designs you’re already accustomed to.

Your style is not as toned down as the classic man. You find that style too boring. It’s also not as flamboyant as The Rock star. You find that style a bit too eccentric for your taste.

The perfect cocktail jacket for you. This midnight blue stunner will have your wife staring at you in new ways. And re-invent your sex life in ways you never dreamt possible.

The Adventurer.

If you find that the type of clothes that you’re attracted to are those that age like fine wine, then this is probably your fashion personality. You lie on the border between trendy and classic.

You want to look spectacular in two eras. Right now, as well as 10 years from now.

A cocktail jacket that will serve you for years to come while providing that same initial wow effect at every new cocktail party you choose to attend.

The Classic Man.

You like to keep things as plain and as simple as possible.

But at the same time, you’re still the big kahuna and your sense of style must portray just how much of a big kahuna you really are.

A classic cocktail jacket with a refreshing take on a timeless design.

While this one won’t stop everyone in their tracks, it will still have them gawking with respect at your level of sophistication.

The Cock-Sure Heavy Hitter.

You like to push the boundaries. Both in life as well as with regards to your sense of style.

The more innovative and remarkable a piece is, the better.

You’re the type of gentleman who’s jacket will match both his shoes and his wallet. You’re very attentive to small details and demand only the very best for yourself.

A cocktail jacket that speaks whole-heartedly to every single aspect of your style personality.

One that hits harder than all other cocktail jackets for men in Kenya ever could.

The Rock Star.

You have a very strong sense of self-respect and belief in your true worth. An inner confidence that shines through your sense of style.

You don’t care too much about what anyone else says or does. You have a strong independent mind and are therefore very difficult to sway.

If you like it, you’ll wear it.

At any cost.

A cocktail jacket guaranteed to elicit a very strong positive reaction from the crowd.

The ultimate respect-earning piece.

Be careful with this one. It may change your life in ways you never imagined.

Cocktail jackets for men in Nairobi Kenya. Exclusive to King Sidney.

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