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How to light up a masquerade ball with your statement jacket

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You’ve been invited to a masquerade mask party in Nairobi Kenya. Fantastic. Masquerade balls are the perfect opportunity to showcase your adventurous personality in an illustrious masquerade suit.

Human beings love mystery. It’s the reason we’ll seat through a movie or TV show. Because we want to know exactly what will happen next. And if someone were to tell you what happened next before you got a chance to watch it for yourself you’d get upset.

You’d probably not even continue to watch it.

They are called spoiler alerts. And no one likes them.

So, what exactly is a masquerade ball, and how does a stylish gentleman such as yourself look phenomenal when attending one?

A masquerade ball is essentially one where the guests wear masks and partially hide their identities. I won’t bore you with the history of why exactly the mask tradition began. Since this isn’t history class, You probably don’t really care too much for it.

What I will stress is that a masquerade ball is a perfect chance for you to leave a very powerful impression. If well-executed, you’re bound to end up as the object of desire for some lady at the party. Why?

Because of the mystery aspect, I described earlier.

You see, unlike men, women are more attracted by inner qualities as opposed to facial looks. More often than not.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that being handsome is a non-factor. Men considered extremely handsome by a lot of women will cause attraction in those women.

However, if his personality and level of sophistication do not meet her standards, then the loss of attraction for her will happen almost instantaneously. Irrespective of how good looking he is. Women tend to be more attracted to achievable qualities rather than physical attributes.

Who is that man?

Which is what makes a masquerade ball such a potent tool for a gentleman looking to build attraction.

She sees you and is immediately attracted to your brilliant sense of style. Both the lovely dinner jacket and the unique mask. You don’t look like the other men at the masquerade ball. You look different in such a powerful way.

But she can’t see your face because of the mask. And it’s precisely that combination of mask and cocksure sense of style that will drive any woman up the wall.

You’re the movie she’s now watching, and she has to stay with it to the very end. You have to take off that mask at some point. And she’s going to work hard and make sure that it’s her you take it off for.

Now, in order to stoke this fire within her, there are two areas you absolutely have to get right. The dinner jacket and the mask.

Masquerade Ball dinner jacket

Most masquerade mask parties tend to be formal affairs. This means they will require you to dress up in either a tuxedo or a dinner jacket.

What’s the difference?

Tuxedos tend to be worn to the most formal of affairs. Plus the jacket matches the pants. Whereas with a dinner jacket, the fabric is usually unique and does not match the pants.

What you wear will depend on your style and personality. I wrote a post here on how to dress for an occasion based on your personality. Just in case you missed it, the gist of it can be viewed in the flow chart below.

Blazers for men in Kenya flow chart

I personally prefer dinner jackets over suits for important masquerade ball functions.


Because they are more unique and can be the perfect representation of flair and class depending on where you sourced yours from.

My personal issue with tuxedos is that it can be very difficult to stand out in one. If every man at the masquerade party is in a suit, and you’re also in a suit, then how the hell are you supposed to make an incredible first impression based purely on your sense of style? Not possible.

That’s not to say you should never wear a black suit. Just try not to wear a plain black suit. The keyword here being plain. There is after all a black suit in the flow chart above. But it’s leather detail and wool-blend fabric help it to stand out in a way that most plain suits simply cannot.

There’s nothing plain about you (as the lady in question will soon come to find out). And since style is an expression of your personality, by extension, there should definitely be nothing plain or boring about your sense of style.

Once you have the jacket department sorted out, the next thing is the mask.

The Masquerade Mask

The first thing a masquerade mask needs to be is just as powerful as the jacket. The second thing it needs to be is manly. None of that girly stuff. Like we said, a true reflection of your style. The third thing it needs to do is somewhat match your jacket.

Let me show you what I mean.

Masquerade party ball tuxedo in Nairobi Kenya
Masquerade ball statement jacket in Nairobi Kenya black
Masquerade mask party ball suit Nairobi Kenya

Notice how each one of those masquerade mask – statement jacket combinations are in near-perfect harmony. They complement each other very well.

Inasmuch as both are unique, none tries to aggressively grab attention from the other. They both merge together into one outstanding look.

A look that will not be forgotten anytime soon by some pretty lady out there.

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