Blazers for men in Kenya

How to match your style to your personality.

Blazers for men in Kenya dependent upon personality types

We all have different personality types. And those personality types more often than not tend to have a great influence on our respective styles. Conservative gentlemen tend to prefer to stick to the basics. Confident risk-takers tend to adopt a more peacock style. And the gentlemen in-between usually have a style that is, well, somewhat in between.

When properly selected, the right blazer can do a really good job of showcasing your personality and highlighting your strengths. It speaks to your character long before you’ve uttered a single word. I’ve always believed a beautiful blazer spoke to people around the owner, in pretty much the same way a look of attraction between a man and a woman says more than words will ever be able to truly convey.

So here’s what we’ll do in this post. We will take your personality type and march it through a few variables. The outcome of those variables as well as the type of occasion you will be attending will then determine the exact blazer that is most ideal for you.

However, please note that personality types are never black and white. They tend to bleed into each other. So if you find yourself falling in love with every single blazer we have lined up, it’s probably because your rich personality is comprised of a little bit of all the traits we’ve outlined. That, plus the fact that King Sidney blazers are very easy to fall in love with. Very easy.

Anyway, without further ado, let’s dive right in.


The traditionalist gentleman prefers to stick to the basics. This is the type of gentleman who will wear suits to every function. More often than not, he will tend to be a businessman in the none-arts business category. And will probably be heading to an occasion with potential investors. He may also be a professional looking to leave a good impression at a networking event.

Does that describe your personality. Are you headed for an occasion in which you want to look good but don’t want to necessarily be buried in a sea of black suits? Then the following masterpiece will align perfectly with your personality.

Best designer tuxedo in Kenya

A very simple yet still highly detailed look. This powerful black blazer will showcase your subtle nature as well as your high level of attention to detail. The leather detail, as well as front Swarovski closure, are just enough to add to the style without deviating too far from your nature. One of the more astounding blazers for men in Kenya.


The peacock gentleman loves to stand out. Not in a tacky look-at-me kind of way but in a more stylish where-did-you-get-that-awesome-jacket way. This will usually be the high-risk-high-reward businessman or the older more confident gentleman. The type of gentleman who has worked hard and knows he deserves the very best life has to offer.

If that happens to be you and you’re headed for an occasion in which you will most likely be the main attraction at the event, then this incredible masterpiece below is for you.

The best designer blazers for men in Nairobi Kenya

A very strong designer look. This jacket just screams respect. And the imported Italian fabric that will last you for years to come is an added advantage. Blazers for men in Kenya don’t get any better than this.


If the first jacket was too plain for you whereas the second one was too much, then you’re probably in the middle category. The style-conscious gentleman. These gentlemen come from all walks of life and are usually at the halfway point of their style journey.

What that essentially means is that they’re now bored of the everyday suit look, but have not had enough experience with fashion to have the confidence to rock a crocodile jacket just yet.

This gentleman usually gets a lot of wedding invitations and tends to attend a lot of social functions across the year. If that’s you, then the following blazer is the perfect personality-match for you.

Perfect midnight blue floral tuxedo jacket Nairobi Kenya

A silk-wool blend blazer with a leather lapel. The perfect wedding guest blazer for men in Kenya.

And there you have it. A look at different fashion personalities and the blazers for men in Kenya best suited to each. Here’s a flow chart to sum it all up.

Blazers for men in Kenya flow chart

All jackets are exclusive to King Sidney.