How D&D clothing inspired me to be a better African Entrepreneur

If you’re an avid reader of the blog then you know I have no problem with giving credit where credit is due. Even for those many might consider a ‘competitor’.

As I did here with John Kaveke. So today I’d like to continue in that vein and talk about a brand I recently encountered known as D&D clothing.

I’ll break it up into 3 quick parts.

Their Quality.

Has this ever happened to you? You see something looking very beautiful on an Instagram picture. But when you order it, what you get feels like an extremely cheapened version of what you saw?

Well D&D is the exact opposite of that. Online they appear to be a very ordinary fashion brand just like any other. However, once you get to their headquarters at Fairview Business park, you quickly realize that there is nothing ordinary about them.

Their quality is truly spectacular.

Custom printed linings. Wrinkle-resistant shirt fabric. Velvet whose appearance does not get damaged with ironing. It was quite literally a clothing lover’s wet dream. A show of African quality at its finest. I absolutely loved it.

And you know what else I loved?

Their People.

I may not know them too well, but they honestly seemed to be very positive people working in a positive culture.

I personally interacted with a lady named Olivia who made me feel very at home. Olivia is their incredible marketing manager. Her superpower seems to be her ability to make someone feel at ease.

In fact, as I was waiting for their CEO to come out, she and her fellow sales associate actually sold a shirt to a gentleman who was just passing by and decided to take a look.

And speaking about their CEO.

Their King.

A gentleman called Dennis Osadebe. Now I’ve met some African Kings as a result of my line of work. And Mr. Osadebe is one of the biggest Kings I’ve met thus far. He’s not a King because of how much money he has. I have absolutely no idea how much money he has. He’s a true King because he thinks like one.

Kings inspire. Kings lead. Kings believe in you even when you’re struggling to believe in yourself.

And I’ve never met anyone, and I mean anyone, who has more belief in Africa’s potential than King Dennis.

A meeting that was supposed to last 5 minutes ended up lasting 2 hours and most of it was spent discussing how capable Africa is of top-notch quality. I could quite literally see the pain in his eyes as he spoke about the mistakes some of our African brothers and sisters make as they place quick profits over long-term quality.

I left there feeling truly inspired.

I also saw some of the most beautiful shirts I’ve ever seen.

So after you’ve picked up a jacket from us, head on over to D&D clothing and check out their beautiful selection of shirts.

I guarantee you will be very pleasantly surprised.