Cheap vs. expensive tuxedos in Kenya

Differences between cheap vs. quality tuxedos in Kenya

How can you tell the difference between a cheap vs. a quality tuxedo in Kenya? It’s very easy actually.

Fabric quality

Fabrics quality can be easy to tell whether or not you have a lot of experience with fashion. Cheap fabrics tend to be common and found everywhere whereas high-quality fabrics tend to be extremely unique. Cheap fabric does not bring the wow factor and is barely noticed due to its blend-in nature whereas high-quality fabric drops jaws the second one lays eyes on it and will usually attract compliments from all and sundry.

Craftsmanship and finish details

Cheap tuxedos take a lot of shortcuts with the craftsmanship aspect. High-quality tuxedos on the other hand have a lot of details that cheap tuxedos do dot.

Boutonniere buttonholes with a boutonniere latch. Surgeon cuffs to allow you to open and close at the cuffs. Viscose or Bemberg lining to preserve the breathability of the outer shell and prevent you from sweating like a pig in your tuxedo. Properly structured Agreman gimp buttonholes. Et cetera.

Durability - Cheap is expensive

Cheap tuxedos tend to age very poorly. The fabric begins to crack. Sometimes they fade too fast. High-quality tuxedos on the other hand age like fine wine. Due to the fitting of the inner full canvas slowly adjusting over time to fit your body shape, they actually tend to fit better over time.

Also, certain fabrics like wool can last well over two decades if properly cared for. Quality tuxedos last a very long time because of the high quality of raw material used in creating them And speaking of high-quality raw materials.

Quality of raw materials

Cheap tuxedos take a lot of shortcuts with the quality of raw materials used. They have to so as to keep the costs down. At the detriment of you as the consumer, of course. And quite often the raw materials used in cheap vs. high-quality raw materials are world’s apart.

Take a look at this quality test of the difference in buttonhole threads used in cheap vs. high-quality tuxedos.

And there you have it, gentlemen. Cheap tuxedos more often than not are just not worth the purchase. Those are the reasons you will find that the cost of tuxedos is sometimes more than that of a suit even though the suit has both a blazer and a trouser.

If the occasion is not that important to you and your appearance doesn’t matter too much, then go ahead and rent a tuxedo for the night rather than buying a cheap one. Consistently walking around in a cheap one is bound to have a negative effect on your personal brand.

If, on the other hand, the special occasion or function is particularly important to you, then go ahead and make the investment in yourself.

Investments in self always pay off. Always.