How to match brown and black - men in Kenya

How to match black and brown for men in Nairobi Kenya.

Any attempt at a black and brown match by men in Kenya is usually vilified across various fashion blogs. It is considered a huge fashion mistake by most. You should hear Kenyan fashion designers discuss it. You’d think it’s the equivalent of committing first-degree murder. Most so-called fashion experts tend to have a real disdain for it.

So is it indeed a mistake to combine these two colors within a single outfit? Absolutely not. As with everything else in life, knowledge is power. And if you know why things work the way they do, then you will understand how to bend the rules in your favour.

Have you ever purchased anything directly from a fashion designer?

If you have then you probably had a discussion or two around the topic of the best outfit color for your skin tone. If you haven’t the basics are simple.

Contrast is your friend. Light-skinned individuals should lean towards dark-colored clothes. Whereas dark-skinned gentlemen should aim for lighter colored clothing.

As with all fashion rules, however, they are made to be broken. And today I’m going to teach you how to break two rules at one go.

The first rule we will break is the ‘never match brown with black’ rule.

The second rule we will dispel is an even more common one. It says, “Never wear dull, brown and black colours if you happen to be a dark-skinned individual.”

The Problem

There are two major issues with both of these rules. The first is that they were initially set up as guidelines. They were never meant to be hard rules that men should follow. Yet fashionistas across the world treat them that way.

While they mean well as guidelines, they definitely cannot apply as strict rules.

Why is that?

The Insight

Because the beauty of the individual outfit will trump any theoretical color schemes you have in mind. The outfit is real, the color scheme is theoretical. They can’t compete.

If you’re a man, maybe you can relate to this example.

As a young man, you probably pictured the exact type of woman you felt you would fall in love with. Happens to all of us.

Yet when you finally got into your first relationship, the woman you ended up with was quite possibly the exact opposite of what you had envisioned.

You thought she’d be short, talkative and dark-skinned. She ended up being tall, quiet and light-skinned.

Yet you were still totally in love with her.

The reason such scenarios happen is that most theoretical constructs are almost always focused on what is least important.

In the above case, it’s physical attributes rather than the strength of character.

In our case, it’s a superficial color scheme rather than the beauty of the individual pieces within the outfit.

Let me show you.

The examples

They say you’re not supposed to wear dark, dull colors if you happen to be dark-skinned right? It will make your entire outfit look dull and boring. Sure about that?

Well, take a look at the gentleman below.

How to match brown and black for men in Nairobi Kenya

He looks really good. And this is despite breaking, no, shattering, the ‘no black-brown if you’re dark-skinned’ rule.

Why is that?

Because both his jacket and shoes are two very outstanding pieces of clothing.

So you end up in awe of those two pieces rather than focusing on his breakage of some rule you’d probably never even heard of.

This is exactly why you were still madly in love with your first girlfriend despite her not fitting your theoretical profile.

Because the second you encountered the beauty of her personality, you didn’t care too much about anything else.

Speaking of not caring about anything else once you encounter one outstanding thing, let’s break the second rule.

The one that says black and brown don’t look good together.

We’ve already broken it with the image above. But let’s go ahead and decimate it.

Take a look at the gentleman below.

How to match black and brown for men in Nairobi Kenya

Once again, the second you see the beautiful dinner jacket, you’re not really concerned with the fact that he’s wearing brown and black. It actually looks quite good. And it does so because of the stand out nature of the jacket.

The solution.

Get yourself one or two very powerful pieces, such as the ones at King Sidney. Once you do, most fashion rules won’t apply to your look.

Besides, men’s fashion rules are made to be broken.

The aim of dressing up is to look good for yourself.

Not to stay in line with a bunch of silly rules set up by a bunch of people that you do not even know.

The rules/guidelines only apply if you happen to be wearing boring, run-of-the-mill clothing. And who the hell wants to dress down to a special occasion? Definitely not us.