Leather lapel unique beige wedding tuxedo Nairobi Kenya

A special tux for a beige wedding color scheme.

You’re getting married. Congratulations. They say the world becomes a better place the day a man decides to settle down. 

So you begin to plan the wedding. Your fiance chooses beige as the wedding color theme. Something about the softness of the color as well as the bridal party all ending up with clothes they’ll still be able to wear long after the wedding.


However, you’ve always wanted to wear a special designer tuxedo for your wedding. Where in God’s good name are you going to get a nice beige wedding tuxedo in Nairobi Kenya?

You do a quick google search while keeping your fingers crossed. Luckily for you, this post comes up. 

You click on it. 


A neat breakdown on quite possibly the best beige wedding tuxedo you’ve ever seen in your life.

Starting with the most important thing, the fit.

The fit.

You’ve probably worn suits before. So I believe you have a solid understanding of what a good fit entails. if you haven’t, let me go ahead and break it down for you.

A very tight slim fit is uncomfortable. Very uncomfortable.

The armhole of the jacket digs into both your back and your lower chest. You sweat right through the lining onto the jacket itself creating one hot mess. If you find yourself feeling very relieved the instance you pull off the jacket then it’s probably too tight.

The opposite of that is a fit that is too baggy. While this type of fit may feel very comfortable, it looks ridiculous. 

A man may find it very difficult to be taken seriously when he has on a jacket that is way too big for him. Sagging shoulders. Sleeves up to his fingertips. It does not in any way show sophistication and class.

What you want to aim for is a look that is somewhat in between. One that highlights the chest and biceps you’ve spent time at the gym working on. A fit that still feels very comfortable even after highlighting those physical attributes.

Something like this.

Unique beige wedding tuxedo in Nairobi Kenya beige side view

Now that’s how a top-notch wedding tuxedo should fit. Like a glove.

Once you’ve got the fit locked down, it’s time to ensure your jacket has important details. Details that will give it the prize for the best beige wedding tuxedo in Nairobi Kenya.

Details that will have you looking and feeling like a real superstar on your wedding day.

Important details such as high-quality wool fabric, leather detail gauntlet surgeon cuffs and lapels.

Since fabric quality is practically impossible to tell from an image, here’s a short video.

Next, we take a look at the lovely gauntlet cuff you just saw in the video above.

The Gauntlet cuff

Beige wedding tuxedo cuffs in Nairobi Kenya

A designer detail that is a staple of James bond tuxedos and Tom Ford cocktail jackets.

This one, however, is extra beautiful. Firstly because it accompanies some lovely engraved wooden surgeon cuff buttons. And secondly, because it is made of leather.

Details that will have your friends and family truly amazed by your sense of style.

Speaking of leather, let’s take a look at the lapel.

The peak collar lapel

Leather lapel unique beige wedding tuxedo Nairobi Kenya

I personally love peak collared lapels. The larger the better. I’ve always felt that they tend to bring out a man’s frame better than ordinary notch collars.

Since this is your big day, we want you looking like the king you are.

The strong frame and all.

The pocket square is also an exceptionally nice touch. White silk with a beige trim. Colors that match both the shirt and the jacket.

Very nice.

Now you have the jacket part handled. Cool. What about the rest of the outfit?

We hear you.

Feast your eyes on the following well-co-ordinated look.

The look

Brown outfits for men in Nairobi Kenya

A look for the ages. Double monk strap shoes with formal brown pants and designer cufflinks. Outfits built around a beige wedding tuxedo in Nairobi Kenya don’t get any better than this. 

So now that you have yourself as the groom sorted, what do we do about your groomsmen? We need a dress theme in which you as the groom stands out, while the rest of your lineup still looks good.


You put them in simple half-coat suits. Something akin to the grey wedding theme displayed below.

Cool designer men's wedding blazer in Nairobi Kenya

So there you have it. Possibly the coolest beige wedding tuxedo in Nairobi Kenya for all you dapper grooms out there.

All jackets in this post are exclusive to King Sidney.

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