Bespoke blazer for men in Nairobi Kenya for an important function

The ultimate jacket for an important function – male (Nairobi Kenya)

Bespoke blazer for men in Nairobi Kenya | Important function jacket

Powerful first impressions are not always the easiest thing to make. The art of making a strong first impression can often be a delicate balance that is somewhat difficult to master. If you wear the same thing that everyone else is wearing, you blend in and make no impression whatsoever. However, you don’t want to go too far in the opposite direction and make yourself the subject of ridicule in a cheap over-the-top item of clothing that’s not necessarily a good fit for the function you’re attending.

Whether you have an important cocktail evening meeting. Or you’re a wedding guest at an important VIP Kenyan wedding. Or you’re either hosting or attending an award ceremony, then the following rare bespoke blazer for men in Nairobi will have heads turning and jaws dropping as you light up the room with your presence.

Name: Arnold Auma

Age: 32

Profession: Professional family-portrait photographer

What colour tends to make the best first impression?

The color you wear is not as important as the uniqueness and craftsmanship of the individual piece in question.

Arbitrarily silly fashion rules dictate that dark-skinned men should avoid wearing black, yet a powerfully unique black dinner jacket will portray power a lot better than most other colors, as seen in the image above.

Red is also a very eye-pulling color, but can often tend to be too bright and inappropriate for some specific functions.

Bespoke blazer for men in Nairobi Kenya for an important function

Before: The random dude headed to his local.

After: The King, the stylish entrepreneur, and the self-confident don. A man who moves gracefully and confidently and attracts others to his strong personality like moths to a flame.

What we learn about creating a powerful first impression.

A strong first impression can be achieved very easily with the purchase of a single statement piece. Your outfit does not have to be overly complex. You don’t have to match everything down the socks.

Simply adorn one or two very unique items, whether it be a unique blazer/dinner jacket, shirt, watch or shoes, and step out in style ready to conquer the world.

This bespoke blazer for men in Nairobi Kenya for an important function is exclusive to King Sidney.