What to wear to an important meeting with a client Kenya

How to dress for an important client meeting

How to dress for an important meeting with a client

You have an important client meeting coming up. One that you’ve been eagerly looking forward to. A real big-money move. As an entrepreneur, how do you dress up for it in a way that will make a huge impression with your client and therefore lead to more money in your account?

Well, it depends on a couple of things.

The two major factors are:

  • How strong of an impression you would like to make.
  • The industry in which you operate.

Now, the first one is a given. You always want to leave the strongest impression you can leave. In life not just specifically client meetings. But within the context of business, the power of that effect is further pronounced because of what’s at stake. Sometimes the difference between getting a deal and missing out on it, all come down to how strong that first impression was in the mind of the customer. Particularly if there is not much difference between your products and those of the competition.

The second factor is where the nuance lies. Let me illustrate my point with the aid of a few examples.

Say you’re meeting a celebrity client at the product launch on Monday. Then a financial services provider later in the week on Friday. You want to wear one of the following jackets on Monday.

King Sidney

And then the following masterpiece on Friday.

Black designer leather trim tuxedo

The reason being, the celebrity will respect you and feel like he can relate better to you if you make a bold statement with your attire. He/she meets people in suits all day. In that industry, they often refer to them as ‘stiffs’.

Whereas the financial services provider will respect your strong formal aesthetic. Even though it comes with a bit of a unique twist. As a matter of fact, one of the ways to differentiate yourself as a gentleman who offers a unique solution is to look unique in a powerful way the second they lay eyes on you.

Why don’t I just wear my company branded T-shirt and call it a day?

Take a look at the following two gentlemen. Which one of the two would make a stronger first impression on you? Supposing you happen to be a prospective client in the market for a service that requires you to deal with a salesman.

What to wear to an important meeting with a client Kenya

The gentleman on the right, right? It’s not even close.

And I’m not saying you have to get fancy. You can keep it simple and still look exceptional. Like the neat business casual blazer below.

grey blazer for client meeting kenya

The point I’m trying to make is that making an effort with your sense of style is an investment that’s guaranteed to put more money in your pocket. Don’t make the same mistake I once made.

What mistake is that you ask?

Let me explain it in the video below.

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