Black formal trousers for men in Nairobi Kenya

The secret behind well-fitting formal pants.

In my opinion, formal pants are all about fit. Of course, that’s not to say that nothing else matters. Fabric quality, as always, is vital. However, when it comes to pants, particularly formal pants, fit is of paramount importance. Well-fitting pants for men are not very easy to find in Nairobi Kenya. More often than not, you may find yourself buying a pair of formal trousers, then having to take them to the tailor for further adjustment.

So in this post, I’m going to breakdown what makes a pair of formal pants fit comfortably. Essentially what you should watch out for when buying or tailoring yourself a new pair.

The Cut

The cut is by far the most important thing when it comes to formal pants. Actually not just formal pants, but trousers of any kind. Well-fitting formal pants for men in Nairobi are usually so, simply because of the cut. Let’s get into a few basics with regard to the cut.

For the trouser to fit well, the trifecta of the waist, fly and thighs have to have been cut just right. Now, the fly-thigh cut combination is a bit too detailed for me to get into right now. That would require an entire post on its own. 

But what I will do, is highlight what type of waist cut makes a formal trouser fit very comfortably.

Take a look at the two formal trousers below.

Best formal black pants for men in Nairobi Kenya
Brown formal trousers for men in Nairobi Kenya

The black one on the left is by King Sidney. If you look at it carefully, you’ll see it dips at the waist. this is actually the same cut the world-renowned Bonobos brand use on their trousers. A slanted cut gives your tummy, however big or small it may be, something to sit on. And this feels much more comfortable as you go about your day. As opposed to the one on the right which has a straight cut and presses against your tummy.

The thigh and fly also play a huge role in the comfort factor. Be sure to check out my next article as I break down exactly how they do so.

The Fabric

If you happen to be lucky enough to encounter well-fitting formal pants for men in Nairobi Kenya, they will usually tend to have poor quality fabric. The quality of the fabric used on the trousers tends to play a huge role in how comfortable the eventual trousers will be. Why is that? Because different fabrics have different comfort levels. As I’ve stated in the past, wool has interesting thermal properties whereas polyester tends to feel uncomfortably hot during warm seasons.

Therefore, inasmuch as the fabric does not play much of a role with regard to fit, it definitely plays a huge role with regard to the comfort of your formal pants after the aspect of fit has been taken care of.