A tuxedo outfit for the award winner

If you’re winning an award then you’re going to need the mother of all tuxedos as you stand on that stage and graciously accept your award.

You’re the King. We’re built for royalty. It’s a match made in heaven.

Here are a few award ceremony tuxedos in Nairobi Kenya.

We set things off with this father and son duo both looking glorious in King Sidney tuxedos as they receive an award for the soccer team’s success. Winners out here looking like winners.

award winner tuxedo nairobi kenya

Next up is a gentleman known for being an activist but now looking like a true King as he receives the Luxembourg peace prize for his outstanding acts of patriotism.

An international award ceremony calls for an international standard award winner tuxedo. 

You are, after all, representing not just yourself but your country as well.

Boniface Mwangi Luxembourg Peace Prize award winner tuxedo