Match color Kenyan power couple

How to match color for an important function as a Kenyan power couple.

Recently a customer of mine (a King as we like to fondly refer to them here at King Sidney) reached out to us. He was preparing for his bride price paying ceremony. A very important ceremony. There’s perhaps no better occasion to showcase a powerfully unique sense of style than in a bride price ceremony. The wedding attire can often be subject to a lot of politics. Particularly for the gentlemen not paying for the entire wedding by himself.

So a guy might end up wearing a plain boring bland suit when what his heart really desired was a one of a kind statement piece. But the bride price ceremony? Well, no one questions your taste and style. Thus giving you the opportunity to really earn the respect of your in-laws and show them that their daughter’s future is in good hands.

This specific conversation however was about color matching. His fiance was wearing a beautiful blue dress. Women, you’ve gotta love just how hard they bring their A-game in the style department. God bless them. They are a designers dream. So in order to match her outfit. He was considering getting a blue jacket of the same color.

So I brought a very important style lesson to his attention.

Color matching as a couple is not about both having the exact same color. It’s about completing a powerful palette together.

As always I’ll teach by example. Take a look at the following couple.

Kenyan power couple

Both in blue. Fantastic. 

Quick question though. At first glance, do they look as powerful as this couple?

Or this one.

Now, you may not be a Justin Bieber fan. We’re assessing this strictly from a fashion perspective. The reason those couples look better is because black and red are 2 colors that go very well together. So together, they complete a beautiful palette of color.

When a couple chooses to wear the same color in order to match, they often run the risk of looking to sugary sweet as opposed to projecting power. As shown by the aesthetic my saleslady and I have below.

Match color Kenyan power couple

We tried to keep it as sugary and as bright as possible so that we could shine against the white background.

The truth is, when matching color for an important function as a couple, you want to keep the colors as different as possible.

As a matter of fact, it actually doesn’t matter which two colors you go with. As long as the individual items you’re both rocking are powerfully unique and of extremely high quality.

Once this guideline is established, you can match two colors that are not supposed to match well together and still end up looking, and feeling, like the power couple that you are.

Even two random colors like green and red.

Don’t believe green and red can match well as a couple?



Here you go.

King Allan Sajabi in his King Sidney Jacket