Why pictures are meaningless when purchasing clothing

Have you ever purchased a clothing item from a brand you discovered on Instagram?

If you have and you’re in Kenya, your experience was likely to be as follows. You saw it and fell in love with it. It looked so beautiful in the image. But once it arrived, you were heartbroken. The material’s cheapness was hidden by the photo. As you held the item in your hand you thought to yourself, yes, this is the item in question, but not really.

You felt deceived.

internet shopping fail kenya

The Issue

Situations like those are not anyone’s fault. It’s not your fault as the consumer. There was no way of being able to tell certain attributes of the item before you saw it firsthand. And it’s not the sellers fault either. Most sellers are not trying to lie to their customers by posting fraudulent pictures. They are simply putting their best foot forward.

No. The issue is built into the nature of a photograph.

An image is a snapshot in time with specific camera lighting. Add on the skill of the photographer and over the top Instagram filters and you have something that doesn’t come close to the actual thing in real life. And that’s not even the real issue.

The major issue is that quality is virtually impossible to tell from an image. Color, yes. Detail, sometimes. Quality? Nope.

Here’s an example. Take a look at these 2 jackets.

Cheap vs. expensive tuxedos in Kenya

If I told you the one on the left is a lot higher in quality than the one on the right, would you believe me?

You should, because it’s true. The one on the left is made from a beautiful silk-blend fabric. It just so happens that the picture was taken by an unskilful photographer using a phone camera. The one on the right is a cheap polyester fabric.

But you can’t tell that from the picture, can you?

The Solution

So what’s the solution? The first is video. Let me show you. Take a look at the jacket below.

smart casual men's suit nairobi kenya

Looks plain and ordinary right? Nothing particularly spectacular about it. But let’s punch in on it with video.

Different story sio? Video is the closest thing to a virtual try before you buy. Video will also help show you details that are important to you that the manufacturer may not have included in the pictures they took.

Ultimately though, the best way is always to try before you buy. Either by initiating delivery for you to fit within the comfort of your home or office or going to the store to make your purchase. It’s bound to save you an unnecessary headache if the quality is not up to par.

For videos of available King Sidney jackets or to organize delivery please reach out by clicking on the WhatsApp link below.