birthday gift for stylish husband Nairobi Kenya

The best birthday gift for the stylish yet picky gentleman

What’s the best birthday gift for the stylish yet picky gentleman in Nairobi Kenya? Well it depends on his personality does it not?

Tell me if this describes your boyfriend/husband/brother/father or son.

He takes his sense of style very seriously. He is fairly picky with whatever he chooses to wear when headed for an important function. More often than not, he will tend not to wear common attire that everyone else has. His has to be special in some way or the other. He absolutely loves quality and attention to detail. This attribute is what has made him a master in his chosen field.

If that describes him, then shopping for a birthday gift for him is easy once you understand his core values. We love the men described above. At King Sidney, we refer to them as Kings. And we believe it’s our calling in life to dress them up for special occasions.

So here are a few options for you for the best birthday gift for the stylish yet discerning men in Nairobi Kenya, depending on the effect you’re looking to accomplish.

You want him to cherish you

Birthday gift for men Nairobi Kenya

This black leather trim tuxedo is perfect for a birthday gift. It has quite a few advantages built right into it. The leather trim and wool fabric ensure that it lasts for a lifetime while still having the wearer look successful and accomplished. One of the best birthday gifts for men in Nairobi Kenya.

You want the world to witness how he’s being well taken care of.

Brown blazer for men in Nairobi Kenya

If you want the world to witness how good of a job you’re doing with taking care of your King, then the Ironman statement jacket is definitely the way to go.

Made from tweed fabric with beautifully crafted leather detail, this statement jacket is particularly ideal if the man is fit/ a regular gym-goer. Birthday gifts for men in Nairobi Kenya don’t get any finer than this.

You want him to feel the respect he deserves from his peers

style wardrobe upgrade nairobi kenya

The transformation y’all have been waiting for.

If you want him to have jaws dropping and eyes widening with amazement then this croc brocade masterpiece of a jacket is definitely the way to go.

Built from exquisite Italian brocade fabric, this jacket will have his eyes popping with love the second you unveil it to him as a birthday gift. And once he rocks it to one or two important functions, this respect-earning piece will ensure his life will never be the same again.

You can’t help yourself with just how much you love him

If you consider your man to be somewhat of a James Bond, suave smooth, and strong, then gift him the Tuxedo Royale.

This beautiful beige tuxedo features gauntlet cuffs. Cuffs that are only seen in the Bond movies will as a result showcase his sophistication as a top gentleman. Pair it up with matching color dual monk strap shoes and watch him muster the inner self-confidence to take over his world with ease.

men's luxury shoes nairobi kenya

There you have it. The best birthday gift for the stylish yet picky boyfriend/husband/son/brother or father in Nairobi Kenya. 

All of the above statement jackets for men in Nairobi Kenya are exclusive to King Sidney.

Does your man have an important upcoming function?

Reach out below and let’s have him looking, and feeling, like the King that he is at this, and every other special occasion thereafter.