How to check the quality of fabric

You want to buy u unique dinner jacket or blazer for a very important function you have coming up. But you’re not sure of the quality and you know nothing about fabric.

Have no fear, King Sidney is here.

I’m going to give you a very quick and basic introduction to fabric that will help you as a man whenever you make an important purchase.

What is quality fabric?

There are 2 classes of fabric,

  • Natural.
  • Man-made.

Natural fabrics are made out of raw materials that come from nature, for example, silk produced by silkworms. Or wool fabric spun out of sheep’s wool.

Man-made fabrics on the other hand are made in a factory from beginning to end.

Polyester, rayon, et cetera.

When a fabric is pure and natural it’s more high-quality.

Here’s what I mean by that.

Pure wool. Pure silk. Et cetera So a jacket that is 100% wool will cost more than one that is a blend of wool and some cheaper fabric. Here’s a jacket made of 100% pure Italian wool.

Fancy wedding blazers for men in Nairobi Kenya

When a fabric is a mix of 2 pure natural fabrics, it’s still super high-quality. So for example, the following designer dinner jacket is a mix of silk and wool. You see the quality immediately you lay eyes on it right?

blue designer tuxedo in Kenya

How can you tell the quality of a fabric?

The issue arises when a fabric is impure with a lot of cheap polyester in it. The keyword here is cheap, not polyester. You can mix polyester into anything. Wool-polyester blend, silk-polyester blend, cotton-polyester blend, linen-polyester blends et cetera.

It’s done both for functionality (pure linen creases quite a bit. Add polyester to it and the creasing drastically reduces) and to reduce costs and make it more affordable to the masses. This, of course, in turn also seriously reduces the quality. However, elements of the natural fabric are still somewhat visible.

However, because of the blending, the blend attempts to look as much like the original fabric as possible, albeit a cheap imitation of it. You will probably be able to tell with the naked eye the difference between the high-quality and low-quality fabric.

The difference is evident because the low quality is ubiquitous whereas high quality is rare. So most people will be able to see a difference the second they lay eyes on it.

This is why you will draw a tonne of compliments when rocking that very high-quality designer dinner jacket. It’s love at first sight so to speak.

How to check the quality of your designer jacket fabric

However if you’d still like to check the quality of the fabric just to be sure, and also just because it’s a lot of fun, there are a couple of ways to go about it.

Rather than write multiple fabrics, let me go ahead and show you.

Check out the video below.