Got your back King Sidney

The perfect birthday gift for your husband.

The best birthday gift for your husband - Nairobi Kenya

Socks and sex don’t cut it anymore. In todays world, women are taking their boyfriends on fully paid trips to watch the Grand Prix. It would be plain disrespectful for you to gift socks to someone whom you respect and love.  


More so, ladies are notorious for expecting no less than three different surprises for special occasions and shortchanging guys. Granted, shopping for men can be an extreme sport. But a statement jacket changes the game completely.


Here’s why it’s the best birthday gift for a husband in Nairobi Kenya:

Confidence boost

Do you know how they say confidence is sexy? That is exactly what a statement jacket does to a man’s confidence. When he looks good, he exudes that magnetic confidence that you just cannot help but admire. Think about how much he’ll praise you to his friends when asked about where he suddenly acquired the fashion sense to rock such an amazing jacket.

Couple goals anyone?

For years ladies have been complaining. They go all out with their dressing on dates or events only for their men to show up in something that’s very basic. It then waters down their look. However, with a statement jacket, you’ll find that this problem takes care of itself. It’s very hard to look basic in a statement jacket. As a matter of fact, it’s practically impossible for any man not to look sumptuous in the right statement jacket. You’ll be the envy of everyone as your man takes up center-stage.

A great investment

There’s a reason it’s called a statement piece. You can never go wrong with a piece in which a whole lot of design work was centered on ensuring your man would look spectacular. This type of gift is something that shows that you took time to think of a thoughtful gift that is unmatched. With a statement King Sidney jacket, you can rest assured that your man will finally stand out as the King he truly is. 

Best birthday gift for husband in Nairobi Kenya

The best birthday gift for a husband in Nairobi Kenya is one that displays your strong understanding of your man and his values. Which is why a statement jacket is perfect. Because as he’s out there outshining his peers with the sense of style you’ve brought into his life, his love for you will grow tenfold.