King Sidney

Legend has it, that you like to move in the shadows.


Gone are the days when they had you all figured out. Nowadays, they never see you coming.


And even when they do, they’re not ready for you and what you have in store.


It’s a jungle out there and you’re its undercover King.

King Sidney

Legend has it, that you deserve the respect you’ve earned.


It wasn’t handed to you on a silver platter. You put in the work. Day in and day out.


There was a time, a long time ago, when the jungle had you frightened. This, however, is a new dawn.


Here’s to you. The new King of the jungle.

King Sidney - Legend has it.

Legend has it, that you can’t help yourself.


Since the day you were born, your personality has always been one that demanded the very best life has to offer.


Even as you prepare to step out for that important occasion, you continue to do what you’ve always done.


Attract them to you. Like moths to a flame.

King Sidney Legends

Legend has it, that you’re a man of influence.


Influence attained through years of hard work and effort.


It feels like it was just yesterday you were struggling for recognition as a master of your chosen field.


Now they fly in over the seas to catch a glimpse of your glory.

King Sidney

Legend has it, that you are a servant of the Lord.


Inspiring tremendous hope in all those blessed with the good fortune of meeting you.


Some want to drag you down and distract you from doing God’s work.


But your spirit is extremely strong from the blessings of the most high.

King Sidney

Legend has it, that they can’t bear to see you shine.


You begged them to bear with you and give you time to grow your gift, but instead, they brought out their bare knuckles and made it rain.


However, your work finally bore fruit. You’re now the King.


As your reign brings a different type of rain, they assemble to bear witness to your greatness.

King Sidney

Legend has it, that you’re a true King.


The kind that captains his subjects rather than lording over them.


A real Guru.


Winter is coming. And the King’s castle you’ve built will ensure the protection of all your subjects.

King Sidney

Legend has it, that you’re a superstar.


It wasn’t always this way. It feels like it was just yesterday when no one but you, believed in you.


But things changed. You came up and raised your people up with you.


And now they’ve got your back just as much as you’ve got theirs.

King Sidney head in the clouds

Legend has it, that you have your head in the clouds.


You’re always dreaming of bigger and better things.


They use it as an insult. You use it as motivation.


Motivation to rise like a hot air balloon, to heights they will never scale with their fears.

King Sidney legend brown

Legend has it, that you are one of the defiant ones.


You never stay down. Ever. 


You get hit. You learn. You adjust and bounce back victoriously.


Which is precisely why your legacy will be cast in stone for all future generations.