Brocade fabric for dinner jackets Kenya

Brocade dinner jacket for your most important function (Nairobi Kenya)

Brocade dinner jackets in Nairobi Kenya for Your most important functions

Brocade dinner jackets in Nairobi Kenya when original and high in quality can be quite the respect-earners. Here are 4 unique pieces for your consideration.

I absolutely love high-quality brocade fabric. The keyword here being high-quality. Cheap low-quality brocade fabric does not look very nice and tends to age very poorly. High-quality brocade fabric on the other hand is a different beast altogether. It has a lovely shine to it that attracts onlooker’s eyes immediately. It never looks too bright or tacky in any way, unlike its cheap counterpart.

High-quality brocade is a very versatile fabric that can be used on dinner jackets for a variety of important functions that require you to make a powerful impression.

Now, if you’re an avid reader of the blog you know how we do. We don’t just tell, we show as well.

So here are a few different brocade dinner jackets and the functions they’ve been worn to in which the King needed all to hail the king so to speak.

Gold brocade dinner jacket for the event MC Nairobi Kenya

brown brocade dinner jacket kenya

Whenever you’re hosting an event as an MC you always have to look like a real King on that podium.

The event MC is the most important person at an event, irrespective of the VIPs in attendance because he is the man who tends to determine the overall experience of all the people in attendance. There’s a reason they call him the master of the ceremony.

He’s got to be confident on the outside. And that starts with confidence on the inside. And a huge part of the confidence on the inside is the powerful nature of what he is wearing. And nothing serves as a shot of adrenaline to the male psyche more than a special dinner jacket for a special individual with special responsibilities.

Green brocade dinner jacket for a powerful impression Nairobi Kenya

Green brocade dinner jacket for important presentation kenya

Let’s say you need to make an important presentation at a podium, even if you’ll be there for just a short while. An example of this would be winning an award at an award ceremony or making a presentation about a project that is uniquely yours. Then what you want to do is align the uniqueness of your skills with the uniqueness of what you have on.

In such a scenario, a green brocade dinner jacket is exactly what you need. The absence of the black silk on the lapel makes this piece versatile enough to be worn to daytime events. You’re no longer limited to just evening events. And the very unique fabric ensures you stand out nicely in a way that’s not over the top.

Blue brocade dinner jacket for the male wedding guest in Nairobi Kenya

Blue brocade dinner jacket for wedding appearance Kenya

As you may have picked up on by now, I’m in love with versatility. I love statement pieces that can be worn to multiple special occasions because what that essentially does is that it drastically reduces your cost per wear. And this blue brocade dinner jacket fits that description perfectly because it can be worn to a wedding both as a wedding guest and as a groom.

Your wedding this Saturday? Go ahead and make your bride smile. Your friend’s wedding next Saturday? Go ahead and have his guests staring at you in amazement in the very same jacket. How cool is that?

The ultimate Unique brocade dinner jacket (Nairobi Kenya)

Unique brocade dinner jacket for function in Kenya

On some very special days, you just have to pull out the big guns. Maybe it’s a date with a high-quality woman you had previously believed to be out of your league. Perhaps it’s a meeting with an important government official. Maybe you’re in competition with others for a particular prize and it’s likely a panel of judges will judge you the second you walk into the room.

Regardless of the setting of your individual function, all that matters is how important it is and why it’s paramount that you leave one heck of an impression.

When that’s the case, go with this one-of-a-kind croc brocade dinner jacket. Just look at that thing. What more could I possibly say about that masterpiece?

Brocade dinner jacket for an important product launch

Designer men's dinner jacket 1 Nairobi Kenya

I was watching the show House of Lies and I loved the brocade jacket Don Cheadle had on so I thought I’d go ahead and throw that on here as well. Just to show you how you can wow guests at your next product launch rather than limiting yourself to a plain old suit.

Cheers and God bless.

Brocade dinner jackets in Nairobi Kenya exclusive to King Sidney.