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Being seen vs. Being Felt.

If you happen to be one of those gentlemen that have undergone a style metamorphosis at some point in their lives, then you probably understand exactly what I mean when I speak about the difference between being seen and being felt.


In the image above we have 2 gentlemen. Well, we actually have one gentleman, but they might as well be two different people. Simply because the reaction they will draw from those around them will be a set of two totally different reactions.


Now, let’s get one thing clear before we go ahead. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the way the gentleman on the left is dressed. This is precisely why we’re not talking about a transformation. This is not a before-after type of thing. The reactions from the crowd, however, as well as the general inner feeling and confidence of the guy on the right vs. that of the guy on the left, will be worlds apart.


The major difference comes in the levels of the impression made. Real, not perceived. If we were to grade each on a scale of 1-10, the gentleman on the left would be a 5.5-6. Whereas, the one on the right would be about 9 or 10. And that differential of 3-4 is absolutely huge when it comes to men’s style and fashion sense.


Let’s go ahead and individually break down the differences between each look, shall we?

Best designer blazers for men in Nairobi Kenya

The Wow Factor.

A very basic look that can be executed by nearly everyone. It, therefore, doesn’t get any marks in our heads as observers/judges. In fact, he might actually not even be seen in this outfit, considering all the people out there who will be rocking something that looks more or less like this. It’s good, but it’s nothing special. And therefore by extension, at least for those of us who do not know him personally, there’s nothing particularly special about the person.

This is a special, one-of-a-kind look. He looks like he has his own personal stylist thinking about what he should wear 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. He looks wealthy, even thou he’s not. Yet the only thing fancy about his outfit is the designer blazer. Immediately you see this gentleman, as a stranger, your first thought will be, “Wow.”


The Colour Factor.

Contrast is vital for men when dressing up for a special occasion. It’s almost always never a good idea to wear clothes that have the same colour as your skin tone. And it’s especially unnerving when the entire outfit makes an attempt to look exactly like your skin.

Black is the colour of power. I’ve seen a black Rolls Royce, and it looked so much more powerful than its white counterpart. And a black outfit contrasted with your skin tone will usually end up looking extremely powerful, as is the case of our gentleman friend over here. All that’s left for him is to step out of a black Rolls Royce someday and the power aesthetic will be complete.

The Functionality Factor.

Because it’s not particularly special, this outfit possesses major limitations on which occasions he can wear it to. He can’t wear it anywhere where he absolutely has to make a huge impression. So despite its probable low cost, its cost per wear is actually pretty high.

This look can be worn virtually anywhere where the gentleman would want to make a huge impression. It can be worn to make a huge impression on the first date, as a groom at his wedding, then as a wedding guest at his cousin’s wedding a few years later.

The Self-confidence factor.

Yes, self-confidence is a totally internal affair and yes, it should never come from a piece of clothing. That being said, if it can be boosted in any way possible, why not go ahead and boost it? Why look like the guy on the left when you could just as easily look like the gentleman on the right? Why be on the C-List when we all know you’re an A-lister?

If you’ve ever worn a piece of clothing that was truly special, then you totally understand exactly what I’m referring to here. Unique stand-out clothes can be a major adrenaline shot to your self-confidence and ego. Not that you may be lacking in any way, they just boost it further. You end up feeling like you can take over the world, simply because of the awesomeness of the jacket you have on.

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