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How a wardrobe upgrade will help you win that big contract.

You have a huge life-changing contract negotiation coming up. The type of contract that will give you the financial freedom you’ve been craving all your life.

It’s not a done deal though. You still have to make a presentation to the major stakeholders.

How will you ensure they take you very seriously from the get-go?

By dressing the part of course.

An internet marketer called Neil Patel once wrote an interesting article here. In the article, he describes how he noticed a direct correlation between his consulting income and his sense of style.

Essentially, when he wore fancier, high-quality clothes, he was taken a lot more seriously and given bigger orders as a result. I personally call this the “I don’t know, so I use you as a yardstick” technique. Human beings use it all the time. And it’s actually extremely smart.

Let me explain with the aid of a short example.

Let’s say you intend to buy a car. To know every nuance about every single car would take years of research? Who has that time? No one is going to sacrifice their entire career just to go car shopping.

So what do you do?

You utilize your knowledge of people to measure whether or not to trust the salesman.

You’ll get all your information from the car salesman. A little information online but the impactful information will come from the salesman. However, whether you accept or reject it will depend on how you feel about him. And since you don’t know him too well, you have to go with your gut feeling based on 1-2 subconscious factors.

And if you’re an entrepreneur, that’s exactly what your customer is doing.

They’re looking at you from head to toe and formulating quick split-second decisions as the interaction progresses. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying you can get away with dressing the part while not serving the customer’s needs.

Of course not.  

What I am saying is that once your skills have been polished, dressing exquisitely shows respect to a prospective client and removes any doubts they may have had as they came into the negotiation.

Rather than telling you, let me go ahead and show you. Watch the video below to see exactly how a powerful wardrobe upgrade will put more money in your pocket.

So if you’re thinking, “I need a style upgrade.” You have this nagging thought in the back of your mind that says you need to upgrade your wardrobe in a way that’ll ensure you earn the respect from my clients that you rightfully deserve.

Then it may be time to take action, upgrade your style and elevate your personal brand to new heights. For the focused entrepreneur in need of the right wardrobe upgrade in Nairobi Kenya, reach out to King Sidney.

Life after your wardrobe upgrade will never be the same again.

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