5 funny creative Kenyan ads you’ve never seen

Funny creative Kenyan ads are extremely difficult to come by.

Most Kenyan commercials tend to be very boring and lazy. There’s usually zero work put into the creativity.

There are however a few Kenyans out there who are very creative. Kenyans who can do more on a shoestring budget than most corporates do with millions of shillings.

Since I’m a fanatic for creative advertising, I scoured the internet for funny creative Kenyan ads and came up with the list below. The criteria I used for selection are:

  • It must actually be a commercial. Advertising a brand or a product. Not a meme video.
  • It must be creative.
  • It must be something fairly simple that could’ve been done on a limited budget.

So without further ado, here are some funny and creative Kenyan ads you’ve (probably) never seen before.

Fareed Khimani for Movie Jabber

I love their creative use of a celebrity endorsement. And the gun was a nice touch.

King Sidney’s diaper ad

This one gets creative with the male-female relationship dynamic. Watch out though, he curses at some point in there.

Eric Omondi’s latto ad

What made this ad so good was just how well the music was done. It actually sounded like something Koffi Olomide himself would’ve belted out. And Eric Omondi’s comedic genius shone from beginning to end.

King Sidney’s 20 seconds

King Sidney likes to get creative with their ads and this 20 second piece is no exception. It caught me off guard because I was expecting a boring long-winded Kenyan wedding video.

Trust condom commercial

I understand that this one probably breaks the budget rule (I think) but I just had to include it on the list. It’s extremely creative and will be perfectly understood by adults while going over children’s heads. Brilliant.